Robert Peace to hold free consultations with downtown businesses

The sessions will start with a business assessment and analysis of current marketing efforts and trends

Robert Peace, president of the downtown marketing business of Polaris and former mayoral candidate, is launching a series of free consultation sessions for downtown businesses in Sault Ste. Marie.

“I have always been passionate about the success of our downtown area,” said Peace in a news release. “Living downtown, I know how important it is to support our local businesses and to create a thriving community.”

The sessions will begin with a business assessment and analysis of current marketing efforts. Peace will also explore emerging trends in marketing, including AI integration into a business’s workflow or sales.

“By sharing my knowledge and expertise in marketing and communications, as well as the latest trends in AI, I hope to help businesses succeed and thrive in a competitive marketplace,” Peace added.

In a meeting with Mayor Shoemaker two weeks ago, Peace said they talked about the future of the downtown area at length.

“Major Shoemaker is a great supporter of the downtown and businesses in the area,” Peace said in the release. “I got a sense in our conversation that with the new Downtown Plaza coming online later this year, the city will be more involved than ever in investing in the downtown and its success.”

Peace also says he will review the government funds that can potentially help businesses grow and succeed.

“There are many government programs – both grants and loans available to downtown businesses that owners may not be aware of,” he said. “I can help direct them towards these programs and ensure they are taking full advantage of the resources available to them. “

“I believe that a vibrant and thriving downtown is essential to the health and well-being of our community and will continue to be a vocal advocate for supporting our downtown and local businesses and programming and promotion,” Peace said.

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