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Online Car Insurance Estimate Calculation

We calculate and compare quotes from more than 20 insurance companies. We take care of everything. You only have to do 3 things:

  1. Fill out the form with your personal data, license plate and vehicle data;
  2. Discover the offers of many of the main USA insurance companies.
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Personalize your car insurance

Family TPL

On it is possible to use the Family TPL, or the rule introduced by the 2020 Tax Decree which provides that the best insurance position is available for the various family members on any vehicle.

Satellite Protection

The choice of an economic policy also passes from the possibility of evaluating the assembly of the black box, that is the device that collects useful data on the behavior of the car to clarify the actual dynamics of an accident.

Compensation in a Specific Form

Some car policies provide for Damage Compensation in a Specific Form, or the insured person undertakes to have the damaged vehicle repaired at a car repair center affiliated with the company, benefiting in exchange for a discount on the price of the policy.

Save on car insurance with

With you can find car insurance directly online, without stress and waste of time. In fact, Segugio Assicurazioni compares the car policy proposals of several companies in just 3 minutes, providing a list of the most convenient RCs based on the profile and insurance history of those who must take out insurance online.

Insuring your car at the best price and saving on the policy is really simple: you just need to fill in a single form with your data and those of your car to get quotes from different companies. Our calculation system will provide you with targeted results for your profile because it analyzes the information entered in a precise and fast way, also allowing you to customize the estimates obtained by selecting the ancillary guarantees that are most useful based on your needs and your driving style.

On you will find the most advantageous online insurances and you can save up to $ 500 on your RC car!

Discover the cheapest online auto insurance for you

Do you want more information on companies, premium calculation and other aspects of the free online insurance comparison service? Check out this page, where we explain in detail how we always manage to offer you the cheapest auto policies.

Furthermore, thanks to the Insurance Observatory, it is possible to stay up-to-date on the trend in car liability rates in USA and take advantage of an insurance market analysis service that promotes the growth of transparency and competitiveness of a sector that still struggles to satisfy users. Also in this way tries to support household savings.

In the pages of the Observatory we calculate the average prices of car policies in all the provinces of USA: you can find out how much the average cost for car insurance is in your province of residence and how much it differs from the average price of a car liability insurance. nationwide. And above all, how much you can save by comparing the insurance on

What are our advantages?



We are a leader in online comparison of insurance products. Our customers save on car insurance by comparing the third party liability policies of the major companies.



We keep the data you communicate to us to make the car liability estimate safe, we will not sell them to third parties and we will never disturb you with commercial phone calls to offer other products.



We do not ask commissions from our customers, the costs of the car insurance we offer are the same or better than those obtainable by making a quote directly on the websites of the partner companies.



Get your car insurance quote quickly by comparing the policies of the major companies operating in USA; get help quickly by contacting free customer service.

Car insurance in installments

Lately there is a lot of talk about it, but what is car insurance in installments and how does it work? The installment car policies are equivalent in all respects to the usual insurance solutions with an annual premium, except for the fact that the payment is divided over the 12 months thanks to the intervention of a finance company that advances the total sum to the insurance company (as happens for any loan that allows for the installment purchase of an asset).

The installment insurance is a suitable choice for those who want to avoid the “blow” of the annual payment and rather prefer to break the premium into several parts, against an overall figure that could be slightly higher due to any interest applied by the financial company . The latter, in fact, is the most important aspect to take into consideration when you intend to take out an installment car policy, since it can really make a difference on the total premium due to the company.

Below you can find more information on the topic of car insurance in installments. Use our comparison tool to calculate a free car quote.

Monthly Insurance and Temporary Insurance

Often there is a tendency to confuse insurance with monthly installments with temporary insurance: it is therefore appropriate to make a clarification, namely that these are two different products, especially in terms of operation. Temporary car insurance, as the term suggests, are insurance coverages of variable duration over time (they can be monthly, quarterly, daily – for more information read our guide on Temporary Insurance what it is and how it works) and which therefore only offer coverage. for a limited period of time. The solution is therefore suitable for those who need to insure their vehicle only for a short period (this is the case of third-party motorcycles for the summer season).

In the case of insurance with monthly installments, on the other hand, the coverage is valid for the entire year, but it is only the payment methods that change, which as seen above are to be paid monthly (hence the incorrect association with monthly car insurance) .

Auto Insurance FAQ

What are the cheapest car insurance?

To find out the cheapest and most convenient car insurance for you, you can compare different offers online. In addition to the basic coverage, add the ancillary guarantees that best suit your needs. Pay attention to the ceilings, which indicate the maximum amount covered by the insurance and always enter the Universal Merit Class to get an optimal quote.

Which is the best online insurance for you?

There is no such thing as the best auto insurance. But thanks to online offers you can find the most convenient for you. To make a quote you can use the free comparison service of Enter your details and those of your car and compare offers from many of the major companies.

How much can you save by changing insurance company?

To change company, you don’t need to cancel your current company. The tacit renewal has been abolished. To save money, compare offers from major insurance companies every year. In choosing a new policy, consider: Price, with the same services and guarantees offered; Ceilings, maximum coverage provided; Deductible, the sum to be paid by the insured.

What is meant by RC Auto?

RC auto is the contract stipulated between the insured and the insurance company, which guarantees the coverage of material or physical damage caused by the vehicle to third parties in the event of an accident. It usually lasts 12 months, at the end of which renewal is mandatory. To find an economical, convenient and reliable car policy, we recommend that you calculate the car quote online and find out about the current offers.

What documents do I need to apply for car insurance?

The documents required to apply for car insurance are: identity card or driving license, to fill in personal data; vehicle registration document, which certifies the ownership of the vehicle; the risk certificate, which will define the merit class based on the number of claims occurred. The risk certificate is available in your personal area on your company’s website.

How much does it cost to insure a car in 14 class?

Who insures a car for the first time falls into class 14. Thanks to the Bersani law, you can insure a new vehicle in the same class as the owner or a family member. Furthermore, with the Bersani Bis Decree, you no longer have to access a lower class for the second vehicle in the name of the holder or a cohabiting family member.

How long does it take to issue the insurance contract?

The timing of issuing the insurance policy varies from company to company. The partners of guarantee the delivery of the documents within 48 hours from the payment of the premium.

How to make a quote for car insurance?

To make a quote you can use the online comparator. Fill out the form with your personal data, license plate and vehicle data and discover the best offers for you. It takes you 3 minutes to get a free quote. Plus, you can customize it with ancillary guarantees, for greater coverage.

What ancillary guarantees to choose?

The ancillary guarantees ensure greater coverage. To save money, choose the ones that best suit your personal needs and driving habits. If you park your car outdoors, for example, you will want to opt for theft and fire insurance and for natural events. If you have little experience, the Driver Accident is particularly recommended.

What are the advantages of family liability insurance?

Family RC is a facility for the family unit, which allows all members to inherit the best class of merit linked to another vehicle, as long as it belongs to a family member. Furthermore, the policy can be made payable to a driver other than the owner, with a more advantageous class of merit.

How does the RC car work?

Car Civil Liability insurance is the compulsory coverage for all vehicles and allows the driver, or the owner of the vehicle, to protect themselves against the risk of damage caused to third parties by the use of the vehicle. In the event of a no-fault accident, the insured can request direct compensation from his own company. When stipulating a TPL, it is possible to make the policy payable to a person other than the owner of the car. This allows the owner to access a cheaper insurance premium as he can benefit from the policyholder merit class.

What are the advantages of the Bersani law?

The Bersani Decree has several advantages. For example, those who buy a new policy maintain the same merit class as the old one. Furthermore, after an accident, the company cannot change the class until the end of all the checks. Thanks to the Decree it is also possible to request compensation directly from your company.