What Is ChatGPT And How Can It Help Your Business With Digital Marketing?

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ChatGPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to interact with human users in an almost human manner. Sound scary? It can be, but it can also be convenient.

ChatGPT focuses on producing language through its interaction with previous data, which means that it can almost seamlessly answer questions, create content, and, as we’ll explore in this article, even help with digital marketing. Don’t worry, though—it’s unlikely that ChatGPT can replace humans in the near future.

How Can ChatGPT Help With Digital Marketing?

Let’s take a look at how ChatGPT is already helping businesses handle digital marketing in 2023:

Social Media Content Creation

We all know how difficult it can be to come up with new ways of phrasing the same marketing messages for social media posts, thinking for hours on end about catchy titles and intros to hook readers from the get-go.

ChatGPT can help solve this problem by offering new phrasing with the backing of almost unlimited conversational data from its previous inputs. Instead of brainstorming new Facebook and LinkedIn posts, ChatGPT can get you started quickly on a post that’s worthy of garnering engagement.

Website Copy and SEO

Not only can ChatGPT help you come up with catchy posts, but it can also help shape the content of your website—and we all know that the better our websites read, the more likely they are to convert readers into customers. Since ChatGPT is always learning and evolving, over time the content it can provide will become even more valuable and tailored to your specific needs.

Even better, ChatGPT can shape content in a way that ranks it higher in searches by incorporating answers to frequently asked questions, and you can even use this technology to research keywords so your website can appear higher in search engine rankings.

Email Responses

A sure way to save time that can then be invested more creatively is to have ChatGPT come up with email response templates for your business. The tool can provide you with functional responses that can then be tailored to each contact when revised by a human. Saving the email templates on an external document allows for a quick copy-paste, which enables you to respond quickly to potential customers and spend your time better elsewhere. In this way, ChatGPT can surely become the personal assistant many business owners don’t yet have!

Should You Use ChatGPT For Digital Marketing?

ChatGPT isn’t going anywhere, so why not utilize this tool as a way to free up time for other aspects of your business? Other businesses are already making the most of it, so it’s better to get ahead of this technology because it’s certainly not just a trend.

However, it’s always best to have human eyes on a finished product, especially because Google frowns upon solely AI-created content and can even penalize rankings. Using ChatGPT as a tool is the way to go, but be sure to add your own finishing touches before hitting “submit.”

Disclaimer: This article was not written with the help of ChatGPT, but it could have been!

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