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Create an ad and set a budget and duration that works for you.

Continuous ads with monthly billing

Set up your ads and budget once, so you can spend your time focusing on other parts of your business! This option is perfect for driving ongoing awareness and new leads, as well as running always-on promotions. Once you select a daily budget, you will pay for 31 days upfront. Your account will be automatically charged the same amount every subsequent 31 days and your ad will continue to run without any interruption.

Note: if you cancel, your ad will run until the end of the current 31-day billing cycle and there will be no further charges for that ad.

Ads with a specific end date

This option is great for promoting deals, offers, or other messages for a specific amount of time. You will be charged upfront your chosen daily budget multiplied by the number of days you set or 31 days, whichever is smaller. If the ad duration is more than 31 days, you’ll be charged on the 32nd day the daily budget multiplied by the number of remaining days or 31 days, which ever is smaller. When your ad campaign ends, you can use any remaining funds on your next ad.

Note: ads running less than 31 days cannot be canceled. Ad may be canceled if scheduled to run beyond its current 31-day billing cycle.

Learn more about billing.

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