Disney Can Teach Us These 3 Lessons About Good Marketing
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Disney Can Teach Us These 3 Lessons About Good Marketing

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Have you ever experienced the magic of Disney World? The entire concept of this beloved theme park is based on Walt Disney’s famous words, “If you can dream it, you can do it.” Similarly, entrepreneurship is all about pursuing a dream, solving a problem and changing the world. But the journey from ideation to success is far from easy, especially when it comes to marketing and getting customers to love and buy your product. However, we can learn valuable insights from Disney’s proven strategy on how to win over clients and create a lasting impression.

My earliest memory of Disney was when I was 6 years old and visited Disney World in Orlando. The thrill of the park, meeting Mickey Mouse and touring his house with my family left an indelible mark on me. Three decades later, I returned to the magical kingdom, now in EuroDisney, Paris. Although no longer a little girl, the excitement of the visit remained just as powerful.

This time, I viewed the experience from a different perspective as a marketer. As I explored each facility, sign and attraction, I asked myself lots of questions, tried to distill what I was feeling and, most of all, tried to understand how they took worlds of dreams, adventures and magic and translated them into a real and exciting experience that people can’t seem to get enough of.

Such tips can be extremely valuable for a new, unknown startup in today’s fast-paced business world, where it can be challenging to capture the attention of potential customers, no matter how amazing their solution is. It is hard to build credibility, let alone get clients to fall in love with your product. And this is what I tried to understand — how do you get customers to fall in love with your company, even if nobody knows you? I came up with a few marketing insights along with suggestions for actions you can take accordingly.

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The art of client connection

Firstly, Disney has mastered the art of building a connection with their audience through the “Know-Like-Trust” process. This process is all about building a relationship with potential customers, getting them to know, like and trust your company, brand and solution way before a sale is even proposed.

In Disney’s case, we’ve all watched their movies or TV channels, seen their merchandise everywhere and likely learned about them pretty early on in life. This, in turn, can make us more likely to be receptive and even initiate a purchase when the time comes, as we know, like and trust the brand. Here are a few ways you can use Disney’s tactics in your marketing:

  1. Immersive storytelling: Disney is known for its exceptional storytelling. They create immersive experiences for their guests by transporting them to a different world. Whether it’s through movies, theme parks or merchandise, Disney tells a story that resonates with its audience. In your startup, share your company and product stories with clients through social media posts, podcasts, your website and 1-on-1 calls. Focus on shared pains and aspirations for solutions. If you can, get them to talk about their struggles on the topic and their wishes for how the solution could be. In this way, they feel more involved and strongly identified with your mission. Once you are on “the same emotional page,” the relationship, likability and trust get stronger and support the sale.
  2. Attention to detail: Disney is renowned for its attention to detail. From the design of their theme parks to the tiniest details in their merchandise, Disney ensures that everything is perfect. This attention to detail creates a sense of wonder and amazement for their guests, as well as top professionalism. Startups that pay attention to their overall touchpoints with customers and ensure they are holistically and visually aligned to look more professional, are more trusted and gain an advantage among potential clients as they get to know and like their product. Details can make a big difference in creating a positive experience for your clients. This could include the design of your website, packaging of your products, email correspondence or the way your staff interacts with customers and remembers their names or mentions former interactions.
  3. emotional connections: Disney understands the power of emotional connections. They create experiences that make guests feel happy, nostalgic and inspired. This emotional connection is what makes guests fall in love with Disney and keeps them coming back for more. Creating an emotional connection with your clients can help build loyalty and trust and keep them coming back. Focus on creating experiences that make your clients happy, inspired or empowered. This could be through a personalized gift for Women’s History Month; social media campaigns that inspire; customer testimonials that show the process the customer went through before, during and after using the product; caring and attentive customer service calls; moving storytelling and more.

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By incorporating these tips into your marketing strategy, you can connect better with your clients, creating a positive and memorable experience for them. Remember, the key is to create a unique and authentic experience that reflects your brand’s values ​​and resonates with your target market. Make them know, like and trust you, and then magic will follow.

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