A little fantasy at Small Business Fair in Prince George

There’s a Small Business Fair at the Roll-A-Dome this weekend in Prince George. Find a little whimsy at Leah Moncher’s booth.

She calls herself a serial crafter.

Leah Moncher creates teddy bears, hand-knits their clothing and creates hard-cover note books using resin and all these items are for sale right now at the Small Business Fair at the Roll-A-Dome this weekend.

For Leah her serial crafting started at eight years old with a pair of knitting needles, then moved to hand-sewn items a bit later on and about 20 years ago she started making heirloom-quality teddy bears that look like they could be handed down from generation to generation.

That’s about the time when she thought selling her items at craft fairs was a good idea.

Resin exploration is her latest adventure.

“I started working with resin a couple of years ago with a small craft store kit,” Moncher explained her creative progression. “Then I thought ‘why make the note book covers flat?’ and so that’s when I really started to play and then I did the front and back cover of the books and people really seem to love them with the 3D it affects. I’m very much into fantasy, especially dragons.”

And people can see her love of whimsy as several book covers have dragon eyes on them, entire dragons, carousel horses and a little owl in front of a tree house.

They’re just beautiful pieces of art incorporated into a practical notebook.

Moncher’s talented husband Karl is a wood worker who creates handmade toys that are also for sale on their table.

The Small Business Fair at the Roll-A-Dome is this weekend from 10 am to 4 pm

Be on the look out for A Tad Bit Knotty macrame, Cedar & Craft Co., the Crafty Redhead, Secret Sensations, Kitchen Table Quilting, and Bitchin’ Stitchin’ to name but a few of the vendors discovered in the aisles at the fair.

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