25 Habits Of Successful Digital Marketers

Anati Zubia, Head of Business Marketing, Quora

Digital marketing is constantly changing, but there are ways you can make sure your campaigns stay in tip-top shape. If you have some downtime in between projects—even just a few minutes—check out these 25 best practices for digital marketers.

  1. Analyze the search query report and identify positive and negative keywords.
  2. Create a new ad copy for one of your underperforming campaigns.
  3. Find new channels or make efforts in existing ones to expand
  4. Write a blog post for your organization or a guest post for another.
  5. Put your competitor’s search terms in and look at other ads for inspiration.
  6. Check conversion tracking to make sure everything is working correctly.
  7. Examine your reporting templates to see if anything needs to be updated or if other metrics/charts/etc. would help.
  8. Follow the ABT Method: Always Be Tracking, Always Be Transparent, and Always Be Testing.
  9. Visit your website and look for ways to remove barriers between discovery and conversion.
  10. Ensure you have everything complete on your channel maintenance task checklist.
  11. Answer the latest Quora for Business questions, scroll through #PPCChat tweets, or read up on ICYMI posts at https://officialppcchat.com.
  12. Take a training or certification course for any social or search channels.
  13. Share, post, or comment on other social media platforms. Those channels provide you with so many valuable nuggets for digital advertising that you won’t regret focusing on them.
  14. Identify opportunities to make your messaging more valuable and relevant by revisiting your customer personas.
  15. Send out thank you’s to customers with no strings attached.
  16. Be proactive and think of new testing or experimenting opportunities that you can keep in mind for the future.
  17. Check all your landing pages for mobile and tablet friendliness.
  18. Audit your email nurture campaigns to ensure the messaging is relevant and timely.
  19. Update an existing competitor analysis or do one if you still need it.
  20. Take a close look at all of your negatives. A negative that you added years ago may be relevant now.
  21. Look at your in-channel results more closely to see if there are other optimizations you can make.
  22. Share industry insights with your team about your top channels or verticals.
  23. Explore Universal Analytics or GA4 to look for interesting data that can be shared or implemented.
  24. Ensure the team uses up-to-date character documents, image sizes, UTM instructions, and other commonly used documents.
  25. Take the time to rest and rejuvenate. Pick up a new book, get some exercise, or just relax and unwind.

While some of these may seem like standard best practices, it’s important to remember people are bombarded with messaging and advertising from all angles. Go above and beyond for your audience, and you’ll be sure to stay on their good side all year.

You can read the original 25 Habits of Successful Digital Marketers article on the Quora for Business Resource Center.

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