15 Small Business Ideas for Kids in 2023

Are you looking to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs? In 2023, the possibilities for small businesses for kids have never been greater! With the right guidance and resources, a kid-friendly business could be a potentially life-changing experience.

So let’s explore 15 of the best options out there for kid business ideas in 2023!

Can a Kid Start a Successful Small Business?

Believe it or not, kids are indeed capable of starting a successful small business.

With an entrepreneurial spirit, applying the right knowledge, and having access to the necessary resources, it can set them apart from other kids and they can realize their business dreams.

Why Should a Young Entrepreneur Start Their Own Business?

Starting your own business as a young entrepreneur offers many advantages, a chance to earn money, and the opportunity to gain valuable experience.

Additionally, setting up a business can provide you with a platform to express yourself creatively and advance your business skills. With dedication and hard work, the rewards of being an entrepreneur are limitless.

  • Learning New Skills – Starting a business can help kids develop important skills such as problem-solving, communication, decision-making, and organization.
  • Exploring Passions & Interests – Business ownership gives kids the opportunity to explore their passions and interests in a meaningful way.
  • Gaining Confidence & Self-Esteem – Engaging in the world of business encourages self-confidence and aids in boosting self-esteem.
  • Acquiring Financial Independence – Kids can learn how to save, invest and make money by starting a business and becoming financially independent.
  • Supporting The Community – Kids who start businesses are often at the forefront of helping their community through donations or services.

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Popular Small Business Ideas for Kids

Kids have the potential to become amazing entrepreneurs, so why not give them a foundation for success by introducing them to some good business ideas?

From pet sitting and tutoring to baking cupcakes or making crafts, there are plenty of creative, fun and profitable small business ideas for kids. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular businesses for kids.

1. Lemonade Stands

With help from a parent or trusted family member, a lemonade stand can be a fun way to introduce young minds to the entrepreneurial spirit and make some decent money.

2. Party Planning Business

Parties and special events are so much fun but many people are unaware of how much work goes into making them perfect. It’s a job and a great opportunity for a young person to learn some work ethics and make a little money.

3. Online Stores

Creating an online store and popular goods for sale is a fabulous opportunity for a young business person to make some extra money

4. Pet Sitting Business

People love their pets and often need a trusted person to take care of them while they are away. Pet sitting is a great business opportunity and who wouldn’t love to play and snuggle with a fluffy puppy or kitten for a few days and earn some spending money at the same time?

5. Dog Walking Business

If your young business person loves animals becoming a dog walker it could be a wonderful way for your child to spend their time learning some responsibility to customers as well as earning a little cash.

6. Tutoring Services

There are many school age children who have trouble in one subject or another. Your child could offer his or her tutoring services for a small fee.

7. Car Washing Service

Running a car wash in your neighborhood is a great business idea to make some extra cash. There is definitely supply and plenty of demand making it a fantastic business venture.

8. Baby Sitting Services

Parents everywhere are always looking for a trustworthy person to watch their little ones whether it is for relaxation or so they can work. Babysitting is the perfect way for middle school-age children to make their own money.

9. Painting Faces

Whether it is at a carnival, street fair, or other local events face painting delights children everywhere. This also makes it a wonderful opportunity for a first business.

10. Musical Performers

Does your child play a musical instrument or love to sing? Offering your services for a special event, such as a birthday party, can pay well. They can even offer music lessons for a fee.

More Great Business Ideas for Young Entrepreneurs

As you can see there are a plethora of business opportunities for young entrepreneurs. Here are some more ideas to browse before you get your new business started.

11. Create A Blog

Creating a blog is an online business that kids can enjoy even at a young age.

12. Design T-Shirts

Fashion is always changing with the times but t-shirts are evergreen. They can be sold online or even in a local store.

13. Sweets and Treats

If you have a knack for baking or making candies you can offer your services at birthday parties or other events.

14. Write a Book

Does your child have a vivid imagination? He or she can write a children’s book and have it published on an online platform or even find a good publisher and illustration service.

15. Create a YouTube Channel

If your child has the gift of gab and personality to spare then creating a YouTube channel is a great childhood business idea. Not only can they share what they love but they can also earn a bit of money from the site.

What Is the Easiest Business Idea for Younger Kids to Start?

Starting a lemonade stand is the easiest business to start. It provides a great opportunity to bond and teach your child valuable business skills.

Not to mention that it is a deliciously refreshing treat on a hot day.

What Life Skills Do Kids Learn by Starting a Business?

Kids learn many invaluable life skills by starting a business, including communication skills and working well with others.

Starting a business helps kids develop social skills such as negotiating, networking, and problem-solving.

It also allows them to practice public speaking, writing emails and reports, and understanding financial information.

Furthermore, working together gives children the chance to comprehend different perspectives and build empathy.

All in all, starting a business is an excellent opportunity for young people to learn communication skills that will benefit them in their future endeavors.

What Are the Legal Considerations When Kids Start Businesses?

There are several legal considerations for young entrepreneurs who want to start a business. A parent or guardian may have to create an LLC for the child and monitor business plans until the child is of age.

Minors often need help from an adult when it comes to funding the startup costs for their business since they are unable to apply for loans for themselves. These are just a few of the legal considerations to consider when kids.


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